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Latest matches
3:1 | flag Buli vs saint flag 3:2 | flag Fluffles vs IleKallio flag 0:3 | flag Dragon vs Devisin flag 3:0 | flag turSKA vs Gyrossman flag 1:3 | flag ShadowForce vs titan flag
IRC: Channel #EL
Sign ups: NO
Rules for all Divisions

All maps will be of a frag count 50 and they will be set with these classic OS DMFlags.

DMflags: 72029252
DMFlags2: 286637568

DooM2 Map01
Dwango5 Map01
Dwango5 Map07


Demo's and Screenshots are required from the winner of the match, so please do make sure you record no matter what! If in some cases demo's get lost and they players cannot agree than a rematch will be played.

Firstly each player will choose 1 map each from the selection and then proceed in eliminating 1 map each leaving the remaining map as the 'Decider'. First to two rounds won is the winner, scores will be posted on the forums and then entered into the website for all to see.

The player to pick their respective map first will be the player on the left of that scheduled game, this game is also played on the server of choice from the same player etc. To decide who picks the server for the final game we have to see who has had more frags throughout the match so far, player with most frags picks the server.

New Point system

With a change to last seasonís point system with implemented a reward point rather than the bonus points, it works in this format;

2-0 win = 4 points
2-1 win = 3 points
1-2 loss = 1 point
0-2 loss = 0 points


Four players advance in the playoff, creating semifinal pairs using the 1st with 4th / 2nd with 3rd system. Games are Best of 5. Players take turns picking the maps. The player with better seeding after Regular season decides, who picks the first one.

Semifinal losers are playing for 3rd place.